“Breaking News”

In this installation, there is a rocking chair situated behind a table. The table has been covered by a white table cloth and there are colourful microphones, these microphones are artificial and were placed on the table. The rocking chair is a metaphor for how our politicians and media see world issues and how they do not take critical issues as seriously as they should. It’s as if they are sitting on a rocking chair, so relaxed and ready to be soothed to sleep. The white table cloth represents how politicians try to hide their actions or maybe their lack of proper actions under a white sheet. It’s as if they are deceiving people by covering their wrong deeds (at times)… All the colourful microphones represent the various tv channels and news outlets that are ready to absorb and later on broadcast whatever these politicians say or claim in front of the people. This is an interactive art installation in that it encourages the audience members to sit behind the table (on the rocking chair) and say things that come to their mind…

Maybe they can even act like a politician and think of what their political party or government would say on the tv or they can come up with a few sentences of their own. Whatever the rocking chair and a table filled with microphones might encourage them to say.


” Breaking News” 2019

Rocking Chair, table, Table Cloth, metal Microphone sculptures