“Colorful Lies”

It is a podium which is covered by colourful microphones which all represent the different lies that people are told by the media and politicians. The podium was exhibited in the museum of Elgiz Proje 4L in Istanbul Turkey.

The significance of these colourful microphones is that all these people are bombarding the public with lies by simply standing behind a podium. They claim that they are worthy of attention and respect. Yet they rarely have the welfare of people in mind. It is worth mentioning that this is an interactive work of art which means visitors are able to stand behind the podium and pretend that they are speaking into the microphones. The sheer fact that the microphones are all in different colours is like a parody or a mockery to the message that they want to convey.


“Colourful Lies” 2014

Medium Steel

148x50x45 cm

“ The power of the lectern is an essential fact in every society. This cleverly designed platform, which would sublimate the speaker and constructs a set between the speaker and the audience due to its design characteristics, has the power to put across whatever is told in face of the person or persons. Even though these living, colourful microphones seem to be so happy, honest and representative, they are the protagonists of the lies said on this lectern. Microphones, lectern and the speaker are the trivets of all these lies. Every time we stand in wonder and gasp at this harmony whispering, “ This time can it be true?”