“Terrestrial Break Free”

This artwork portrays the figure of a woman who is hung from her belt using the balloons. The metal wire by which the female figure is connected to the balloons resembles the umbilical cord of newborn human beings.

The theme behind this semi-floating figure is that woman is seeking help from somebody or something celestial. It is as if the figure has lost hope in anything earthly and desires to start all over again and experience a fresh start in life. The reason why she is being connected to the balloons is that they appear as her sole way of escaping. the balloons are a metaphor of mystical ways by which she can be saved from this world.

Balloons, the parts of the sculpture, are light and moving and have a flying image, exactly as they are expected to be in reality… However, in contrast to this light image, they are heavy, static and even they are acting like shackles, limiting the movement of the bonded figure at the same time. It is paradox of the breaking free idea.


“Terrestrial Break Free” 2018

Medium Steel- Polyester

116x 77x 29  inches